1 Savoy cabbage, 4 great dishes…….

1 Savoy cabbage, 4 great dishes.......

Bought a beautiful Savoy cabbage at Penshurst market on Saturday, and, by this stage in the week, it has served me very well! Four meals later, I am still licking my lips. And to think, cabbage used to be those smelly greyish strands that one tried to hide at school lunch…..

Saturday night – dish 1 Sausage, parsnip mash and braised cabbage
Wild boar and apple sausages from Keiran’s game stall with Parsnip and bacon mash
Garlic braised cabbage:
Shred your cabbage. Melt a small lump of butter in a heavy based pan, add a crushed clove of garlic and the cabbage. Cover and cook very slowly until soft and just golden. Season with salt, pepper and a sprinkling of ground mace.

Sunday supper – dish 2 Lentils with pancetta and shredded cabbage
Puy lentils, pancetta and shredded cabbage. Fry cubes of pancetta and a finely chopped shallot until soft and golden, add the shredded cabbage and cook until tender. Then add cooked Puy lentils, a teaspoon of grainy mustard, and 3 – 4 tbsp cream ( any will do depending on what you have in the fridge). Heat through then stir in a small handful chopped flat leafed parsley and season. Serve as it is or as an accompaniment to grilled lamb chops or chicken.

Monday lunch – dish 3 Vegetable and lentil soup
Make the leftover lentils into a soup. Add chicken stock and the next quarter of the cabbage, a shredded leek and a diced carrot. Simmer until tender, check seasoning and serve with a slug of extra virgin olive oil and grated Parmesan……

Tuesday lunch – dish 4 Cabbage, potato and pancetta hash with an egg on top
Best of all and still not tired of cabbage, I look in the fridge and find a jar of beautiful lard, a cooked potato, the last of my pancetta cubes, and some eggs. So it’s time for a hash.
A teaspoon of lard, melted in a frying pan, to cook half a chopped onion, then add the diced potato, spoonful or two of pancetta cubes, and the blanched shredded remainder of my cabbage. Fry until crispy then make a space in the middle and break an egg on top and let it cook. Season and eat….


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